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Fushou Island of Nanyi Lake: Your Little Erhai Lake. 南漪湖福寿岛:属于你的小洱海

发布时间:2020-10-30 09:00 来源:郎溪县人民政府办公室 浏览:

In Langxi County, Anhui Province, there is a available landscape which is as beautiful as the Little Erhai Lake. It is just Fushou Island of Nanyi Lake.


Stop 1: 10000 mu tea gardens

The 10000 mu tea garden is far away from cities as well as noise. It is wide, green, pleasing and relaxing.



There are 80000 mu tea gardens with the largest area in China and the second largest area in the world in Langxi County. With a series of tea products such as "Ruicaokui" as a tribute of Five Dynasties and "Huangkui", it was known as "Hometown of Green Tea in China". There is warm air full of tea fragrance in Southern Anhui as well as wide tea gardens in Feili Town, which is pleasing. There are countless neat tea trees along the terrain.


Stop 2: Hubin Village

Hubin Village was listed as the provincial central village of beautiful rural construction in 2018. There are groups of ancient trees with a nearly centennial history in the clean and tidy village especially characterized by a lot of colorful wallpapers.



When walking into Hubin Village, Feili Town, Langxi County, you can see a wall with the lengthy Lakeside Fu. There are very huge trees. According to the local villagers, there are good geomantic omen as well as lot of ancient and famous trees and longevous old people. It's very suitable for life.

走进郎溪县飞鲤镇湖滨村,映入眼帘的是一墙长长的湖滨赋。巨大的乔木遮天蔽日,据村里人说,他们这儿风水好,古树名木特别多,老人们 长寿 的也不少,是个非常养人的地方。

Stop 3: Fushou Island, Nanyi Lake

Nanyi Lake was formerly known as "Nanqiao Lake", "Nanhu Lake" and "Yihu Lake". Later, the name of "Nanyi Lake" was adopted. The previous ten major scenic spots of Xuancheng City included the scene of "Wild Geese Falling from Nanyi Lake". Since the ancient times, a lot of scholars have visited Nanyi Lake and created a lot of related psalms. Bai Juyi, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, once wrote two poems called "Early Spring in Nanhu Lake" and "Late Autumn in Nanhu Lake" respectively. He enjoyed boating in Nanyi Lake according to historical records. When you climb Jingting Pavilion and look eastward, you can see a vast expanse of misty waters which reflects the beauty of the lake.


南漪湖,原名“南碕湖”。又名“南湖、漪湖”,后称南漪湖。昔日 宣城 十景就有“南湖落雁”一景。自古以来,文人墨客到南漪湖游览,多有诗咏。唐代著名诗人白居易曾写有《南湖春早》、《南湖晚秋》。史载白居易曾经尽兴泛舟南漪湖。登临敬亭向东眺望,可以看见大片烟岚缥缈的水域,就是湖的倩影了。

With year-round balmy conditions as well as a high forest coverage rate, Fushou Island of Nanyi Lake is located in the the westernmost part of Feili Town, Langxi County. It is mainly engaged in fishing and rich in various freshwater fish. In particular, there are several special aquatic products, including Salangids, Crabs, Eels and Shrimps.


There is delicious food in addition to the beautiful scenery here. Nanyi Lake is rich in fish, shrimp, crabs, birds, geese and other aquatic wild bird resource. Especially, it is famous for the production of Salangids and crabs at home and abroad. It is listed as a national export base of river crabs.




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